• acts as a liaison between the performance team and management. Communicates the performance teams needs to management.
  • Is an advocate for the the quality of the LOAD environment infrastructure and pushes for better quality.
  • communicates to managers and directors how performance testing is being done
  • works to eliminate obstacles which stand in the way of testers testing new code every day. E.g., why aren’t builds being deployed correctly? Why wasn’t the load or STAGE environment in a good condition to test?
  • Helps develop a “Performance Culture” by communicating results to other testers, developers and PM’s in the company.
  • along with the Dev lead, the performance PM reviews features which need L & P testing. Specifically, PM’s review test plans with an eye towards:
    • ensuring the Performance team is supplied with test plans created by functional testers about the feature to test
    • ensuring the Dev lead and testers fill out test case sections of the test plan before the feature is tested
    • ensuring the test cases are executed
    • ensuring that the results of test case execution are recorded in the test plan and/or in test tracking system
  • A good PM shepherds the project through the testing process and insists that there be:
      • a) test plans for all features
        b) a load and performance section in every test plan.

    The PM is responsible for gathering and queuing up the features that need to be tested and feeding them to the testers and developers DEV

    Required Skills

    • Project Management Experience on several other projects. PMing load and performance is the hardest PM job in your organization
    • Project Management Certifications
    • Good people skills. Project Managing Load and performance will necessarily involve the PM with almost all other people in the company: the hardware support people, production support, functional testers etc.