Perfwolf test services seeks to partner with your test managers, PMs, production support staff and testers in order to incorporate accurate, meaningful  load and  performance testing into your development cycle. The end result is a  measurement-driven testing and development organization.

To meet the varying demands organizations place on performance testing, a team people is often required. Read our article about Load and Performance teams. While this classical structure may not be appropriate for all of today’s software projects, organizations seeking to improve the performance of their application ignore this structure at their peril.

Providing Setup, Execution, and Training of Load and Performance Testing at Your Place of Business.

At Perfwolf we seek to steer companies away from waterfall style load testing and to guide dev, test, and management teams toward daily “unit load testing” (load build verification tests) of their applications.

  1. Management needs an overview (frequently in graphical form) of the performance and capacity of the application. This requires complex, application level tests and summarizing large amounts of data.
  2. Developers think in terms of unit testing the particular part of the application they have just coded. They want results quickly and would rather work with numbers if preparing graphs would delay testing.
  3. Production support people are the “fire-fighters” for your application. They are the first to be called when there is a performance problem in a production release. They don’t usually have time to be bothred with the numbers management or dev’s are interested in, but instead are interested in test data about the stability, CPU, and memory utilization of the code Devs and Managers are going to put on their machines.